Last evening there was a most pitiful meowing outside the house. Being a sucker, I had to go check and lo and behold there sat a tiny kitty (black and white) crying. The minute it saw a human its motor started. Since it was late at night, I made a home for it in the garage which included all the necessities. It was clean etc. so I suspect someone dumped the poor little thing.

Today I moved “wandering kitty” into the big bathroom to keep it separate from our cats. It is as cute as can be and loves humans, but I cannot keep another cat (4 is enough-I’m babysitting a friend’s kitties for an unknown length of time). The other cats are totally curious and are taking turns positioning themselves outside the bathroom door (you know – just in case they can magically get inside or the kitty inside can ooze through the door).

I checked with all the neighbors to see if it belonged to any of them. It didn’t. So now I’m looking for a home for the little guy. I have to keep reminding myself not to get attached.