you know how dangerous it is when I start thinking.  My spouse normally ducks scroll_quillpenand runs for cover if I respond to: “Whatcha doin?” by saying: “Thinking”.

I don’t normally read YA however I have recently (during the past year) had the opportunity to sample portions of multiple YA novels in process. I became fascinated with a trend that seemed to appear in many of the works. In all but a few the parents were portrayed as one of the following: ignorant, incompetent, inept, child-beating, or totally absent. The young person is portrayed as smarter than the adults and views his/her parents with disdain, disgust, or dislike. If they relate to or trust an adult at all, it is usually an outcast, homeless etc.

I have no idea (1) if this is truly a trend, or (2) if it is a trend whether it is also currently prevalent in published YA books. In addition, my sampling was probably not large enough to claim accuracy, but the overall preponderance of this theme bothered me.

Since these stories/novels are aimed at a group who are at an impressional stage in their development, my undergraduate studies in both history and sociology surfaced. I wondered what impact such writing (if it is as predominant in published works as it was in the novels-in-process that I sampled) has had, is having or will have on family structure and our society overall.

If the novels/stories that a group reads impacts them, are these stories encouraging the development of a generation who is encouraged to dismiss parents/authority as irrevalent in their lives. Do they grow up to become those types of parents? Or do they grow up to strive to NOT be parents like those portrayed in the novels/stories?