I remember ages ago, when I would have defined myself as a kid, hearing many interesting expressions. Some of the ones which stuck with me through the years and that I still think and/or use:


  • neck-or-nothing – racing term referring to winning by a neck (head and neck of a horse) – or win nothing
  • hard as a brickbat – a brick used as a weapon (thrown or tucked in a sock and swung)
  • tighter than the bark on a tree – pretty self-explanatory
  • dumber than a stump – pretty self-explanatory
  • personality of a fence post – pretty self-explanatory
  • dryer than a popcorn fart – not sure – but figure it must be pretty dry
  • playing without a full deck or one card shy of a full deck
  • Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.(more of an insult)
  • that dog won’t bark – not true
  • he/she has the personality of a rock


Some websites that offer other sayings: