This ‘n That

During my many years of taking college courses, I nibbled (over and above the required credit hours) at economics, english, psychology, history, education, and sociology. I enrolled in many courses that interested me rather than in courses that led to a degree. I didn’t have to feel guilty about enjoying such a smorgasbord or for spending so many years attending college. I worked and supported myself. No one but me paid for any of my education.

The trouble with having multiple interests is a transcript that shows more credit hours of history than in the areas in which I received my college degrees. This raised many ‘potential employer’s’ eyebrows and did result in lost opportunities since some interpreted such sampling as being indicative of a flibbertigibbet-type (flighty) person–one who could not keep to a specific path.

To my way of thinking, I was merely doing what college had been created for–searching for that which engaged and held my attention, the kind of work/future that I would enjoy, but most of all obtaining an education.

All of that to explain why this is really a history post. I have heard from many current high school teachers that their courses are designed to skip the civil war–with one course ending before it begins and the next picking up after it is over.

My reaction when I heard this was “WTF!!”

Today and the next two days should be remembered in our country. The US Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, often called the turning-point of the American Civil War, occurred July 1-3, 1863.

51,112 Americans died during this 3-day battle.


  • General George G. Meade
  • Total troops: 82,289
  • Casualties: 23,049


  •  General: Robert E. Lee
  • Total troops: 75,000
  • Casualties: 28,063