joys of cats

Mnewtost people can print any time they want if a printer is connected to their computer … but when a cat or cats are involved, such convenience can change.

The feline fur children have defined our laser printer as the neatest thing since canned cat food. ‘Tisn’t a printer don’tcha know, ’tis a cat bed and our favorite since it is right next to one of our humans.

Printing, therefore, occurs when: (1)┬áthe human becomes adamant about using the printer and forceably removes said cat from sleeping on the machine, (2) the human goes to the kitchen and shakes the cat-treat container luring them off the machine, or (3) when the feline has awakened and discovered it is in need of food, drink or facilities and vacates of its own volition (this generally only occurs when no one wishes to use the printer or when the computers are turned off). [#1 or #2 are the most frequent methods – when printing is needed that is.]


Last evening there was a most pitiful meowing outside the house. Being a sucker, I had to go check and lo and behold there sat a tiny kitty (black and white) crying. The minute it saw a human its motor started. Since it was late at night, I made a home for it in the garage which included all the necessities. It was clean etc. so I suspect someone dumped the poor little thing.

Today I moved “wandering kitty” into the big bathroom to keep it separate from our cats. It is as cute as can be and loves humans, but I cannot keep another cat (4 is enough-I’m babysitting a friend’s kitties for an unknown length of time). The other cats are totally curious and are taking turns positioning themselves outside the bathroom door (you know – just in case they can magically get inside or the kitty inside can ooze through the door).

I checked with all the neighbors to see if it belonged to any of them. It didn’t. So now I’m looking for a home for the little guy. I have to keep reminding myself not to get attached.

Taz Dog: 2001-07/04/2013


Taz Dog – named for the Tazmanian Devil – because when he became excited, he whirled around in circles just like his namesake.

Wonderful little guy with a big heart, who never complained no matter what life threw at him.

He will be missed.